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Who we are

We are a venture studio with initiatives in Romania, Mongolia, and Nigeria. We advocate for the utility of blockchain, supporting people with the same mindset and start-ups built on this technology. Our main purpose is to test and validate business models that are bringing real benefits to people and businesses.

What we do

Our activity is divided in three main branches: start-ups, trainings and consulting.

We are blockchain advocates and we are working on projects based on this technology. We create and implement them in the markets where we see the greatest potential and need.

However, we are a small team of crypto-enthusiasts who are full-time involved in this space. We have been testing this sandbox environment for one year and we want to share with others what we have learned so far. This is why we started organizing training sessions about blockchain and crypto-assets. We offer private sessions about this topics trying to help people understand this technology. If your team wants to learn more about blockchain, contact us for a personalized offer.

Moreover, if you are involved in the crypto-space and you want to learn how to be ”your own bank”, we can teach you how to safely generate your private key, where to store your assets and many other aspects related to security.

Meet us

Andreea Purcaru

Managing Partner

Tudor iliescu


B. Oyun-Erdene


Kirian Lavoisard



Elemental.Fund is a closed experimental investment micro-fund. It learns to ride the wave of crypto-assets growth.

Why are we doing this?
Observing the potential of distributed ledger technologies and the uprising of new cryptocurrencies and tokens, we decided to give it our best shot at micro-investing.

Current status: Private beta
Location: Global
Holding: 100% is a blockchain-based taxi platform. Allowing server providers, app operators, traders, drivers, and passengers to interact in a P2P manner that spurs innovation and increases mobility options.

Why are we doing this?
Ethereum founder Vitalik said: “blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets taxi drivers work with the customers directly”. Uber SVP Pierre said: “a blockchain ridesharing system could destroy Uber”. We agree with both.

Current status: Pre-launch
Location: Global
Holding: TBD

Amar Bitcoin was the first Mongolian Bitcoin brand. We started promoting the benefits and opportunities of Bitcoin to a market very much keen to learn about efficiently countering inflation and other risks.

Why are we doing this?
Sandwiched between Russia and China, with just 3 million people, Mongolia is pushing to find its own path. Recognising Mongol sacrifices and ambition, we worked to enable the safe and solid option of storing value through Bitcoin.

Current status: Handed over to local partner.
Location: Mongolia
Holding: N/A

Moldo Bitcoin aims to become the most well-known Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies promoter in Moldova.

Why are we doing this?
Wedged between East and West, Moldova needs all the support it can get. Distributed ledger technologies can help close the development gap and enable people here to prosper.

Current status: Research
Location: Moldova
Holding: 80%

Transit Director enables public transport agencies to survey, generate, maintain, publish, analyze transit data.

Why are we doing this?
Mobility is one of the largest untapped markets, and (mostly state-owned) transit operators are very much un-reformed. We support their business goals by bringing better information to passengers.

Current status: Live
Location: Global
Holding: 10%

Real Value emerged from the need to have a fair valuation for real estate. Our platform aggregates sales information, together with over 100 different building attributes to better estimate the price of a residential or commercial location.

Why are we doing this?
Banks are in dire need of accurate sales reports for the real estate they are collateralizing. We help them determine the real value of properties, thus saving money and reducing risks.

Current status: Private beta
Location: Mongolia
Holding: 20%

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